In Effice Services for Research S.L. We have the philosophy of achieving the trust of our clients, satisfying their needs. Our work philosophy is oriented towards total quality. That is why we have decided to go one step further to improve and maintain our Quality Management system.
For this reason, both before third parties and internally, the management of Effice Servicios Para la Investigación S.L. has established the following commitments that mark our hallmarks:


Commitment to the different interested parties so that they have the necessary and appropriate solutions for their circumstances, maintaining the link over time and fostering confidence in the Quality and Excellence of our work.


Effective assignment of roles and responsibilities so that the concept of quality is present at all levels and activities.


Raise awareness and motivate staff about the importance of implementing and developing a Management System, guaranteeing their training for the correct performance of their activities within the organization.


Implement and maintain internal management and control measures to meet the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality System and thus ensure the satisfaction of our interested parties.


Comply with legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes to, to ensure the protection of patients, the quality of the results


Commitment to continuous improvement of the Management System to improve our quality management processes


Considering these guidelines, this management reiterates its firm commitment to join efforts to achieve these objectives, so that this policy is understood, implemented and kept up to date at all levels of the organization.


The Management